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12 Mar 2017

Thanks Mike!!

This is a pretty simple story.

We’ve had lots of great comments about the fantastic photos on our website. So we thought we’d share with you a little about our photographer – Mike Fenemor.

In fact, many of our growers know Mike already because he has worked at Seedling Systems for the last 10 years and overall has 23 years in the horticulture industry. However, not many will know that he did the photography for the website, and that’s because he likes to downplay his talents. You won’t see him in the staff photo either, because we couldn’t get him out from behind the camera.

Mike likes to call himself, an ‘amateur’ photographer, but we think his shots are pretty ‘professional’. All up we have over 120 photos of our nursery and seedlings and some of our growers and their plants. That’s a lot, and every time we add news stories, it’s Mike that takes the shots.

“We’re pretty demanding too, wanting the photos to tell a story about the products and what we do here on site, and they have to be just spot on” says owner Guy Morgan. Mike says he’s self-taught and it’s just a hobby, “there’s a few nice ones in there”, but we have had some hard times choosing from the great shots he provides for each service or product we write about.

Well that’s about it really, except to say ‘thanks Mike” and to let you all know where you can see more of his amazing shots in this post. Nature photography is Mike’s favourite, especially the sun rising and atmospheric scenery using silhouettes. The animals, flora and fauna shots are neat too.

Mike’s placed in a few world-wide photography competitions, check out the reflected shot above of the flower in the water droplet, this shot was ranked in the Top 30 Class for 2016, Viewbug, for receiving the most likes and surpassed over 230,520 other entries! Nice!

Visit his facebook page, Mike Fenemor Photography, and like his page if you want to get his photos as he uploads them, we all do, so might see you there. The shots add a neat and inspiring moment to the day and Mike enjoys the feedback when others share their enthusiasm, by liking and commenting.

“It’s all about the photography and that’s what I love.”
Mike Fenemor, Mike Fenemor Photography

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