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15 Feb 2017

Our KPCS ‘Full Certification’ nursery ticks all the boxes and is producing healthy high quality plants with great roots.

We can move product between regions and we grow to demand whether it is autumn, winter or spring season planting our growers require.

In 2015 we became a registered kiwifruit vine health (KVH) nursery and we moved our propagation and growing operations indoors. It’s been a demanding but rewarding process for the team. Our two purpose built plastic houses have capacity for 10,300 plants and are in full use year round. Our irrigation system eliminates any need for movement of staff inside the plastic houses, and our dedicated kiwifruit entrance/exit with vehicle washing bay further reduces PSA and other biosecurity risks.

The team worked with KVH to ensure processes met full certification requirements of plants free of PSA and other KPCS target organisms. Owner Guy Morgan managed the certification process, Crop Protection Manager Mathew Scrimgeour and Assistant Brad Ingley implemented ongoing improvements and monitoring methods ensuring best practice. This includes rigorous hygiene, record-keeping, traceability, and getting crop protection just right, managing air and humidity, soil temperature and moisture along with nutrient uptake.

The process starts in our quarantine room where seed with high genetic credibility is separated from the pulp, then refrigerated to stratify for uniform germination. Sowed into open trays, then transplanted to 60 cell trays before transplanting into 19cm pots encouraging vigorous root expansion and with stakes to encourage self-winding. We keep them in the nursery for one whole season, with our strict biosecurity focused monitoring methods. Then as strong plants with healthy root systems the 1-1.5m potted seedlings are ready for our growers for grafting to the desired variety or to be planted out in the kiwifruit orchard.

Our journey to full KPCS certification and over 10 years propagating for the kiwifruit industry means our team have the experience, tailoring the right plants for orchard requirements. We partner with our growers towards maximising production success.

“Be it replacement plants on our existing kiwifruit orchards or else for our 'greenfields' plantings we have found Seedlings Systems to be a reliable supplier of KPCS certified quality potted plants that allow us to carry out planting at any time of the year.”
Craig Lemon, Managing Director, Southern Orchards Limited

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