New Ebb & Flow Tables at Seedling Systems

29 Oct 2015

Recent trials show excellent results!! This is great news for our growers.

Our new ebb and flow tables are now up and running. This system is suitable for so many products - tomatoes and cucumbers are very popular, and we are also seeing demand for courgettes and eggplant. Want to see what we can do for you - just ask: request a call

2015 sees us complete the installation of our new ebb and flow area to meet increasing grower demand for hydroponically propagated tomatoes and cucumbers. We engaged Chemtest Laboratories to assist us with the installation of rolling benches, nutrition and feeding control. This has enabled us to maximise the use of our glasshouse space. As a starting point we have allocated just 400 square meters. This area is already in high production and we are enjoying watching the products develop as they respond with rapid and robust growth.

The benches are supported with the use of quick valves which ensures effective drawing of the nutrient solution pumped onto the tables. The system allows us to be very accurate providing exact nutrition levels and the valves also assist with rapid draining. With our new system the full nutrition is available to the plant, this is down to the effectiveness of the horizontal fibre structure of the blocks. There is successful homogeneous take-off of the seedling plants, quickly establishing hungry root systems for rapid growth.

Based on current industry standards and best practice, Chemtest installed a Biofilter for us. The BiofiĀlter uses cocofibre media to treat feeding solutions and ensure nutrients can be safely and efficiently recycled. We love that the fertiliser solutions are recycled as it allows us to reuse this valuable resource and also to meet our responsibility toward the environment without risk to the plants.

The build was fun, the trials highly effective and already the tables are in high production. But with rapid turnover, there is potential room for your seedling requirements this coming season.

“We very much enjoyed working with Seedling Systems and Guy on this project. It is always a pleasure to work in a situation where the client demands a high quality result and good equipment - and even better still to see them using what we have provided to its fullest extent to efficiently produce a high quality product for the end user.”
Stephen French, Chemtest Laboratories

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